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Aktualności - Pozyskiwanie funduszy UE | Współpraca polsko-ukraińska


Poland is a largest beneficiary of European funds. The European Union has allocated EUR 82.5 billion to our country over the 2014–2020 period. It means almost EUR 20 billion more than Poland received from the previous EU budget.

National programmes

POIR ikona

The second largest amount of funding was allocated to the Operational Programme Smart Growth. Strategic objective of this project is to increase economic competitiveness through innovation and cooperation between business and science. Approximately EUR 8.6 billion were allocated for its implementation from the European funds. Programme addresses to enterprises (in particular SMEs), consortia of enterprises and research units, business environment institutions and research units.

Priority axes:

  • Support for R&D activity of enterprises ( EUR 3,85 billion)
  • Support for the environment and capacity of enterprise for R&D&I activity (EUR 1,04 billion)
  • Support for innovation in enterprises (EUR 2,2 billion)
  • Increasing the research potential (EUR 1,2 billion)
  • Technical support ( 0,29 EUR billion)

Method of financing depends mainly on the type of and the specific nature of the project.

Polska Wschodnia Ikona

OPES is additional support to 5 voivodships of Eastern Poland: lubelskie, podkarpackie, podlaskie, świętokrzyskie and warmińsko-mazurskie. The Objective of this programme is to increase the competitiveness and innovation of Eastern Poland. . Approximately EUR 2 billion were allocated for its implementation from the European funds. Subsidies from Operational Programme Eastern Poland will be granted primarily to start-ups, enterprises (SMEs), innovation centers (such as science and technology parks, technology incubators) as animators of Start-up platforms for the new ideas, local government units and PKP PLK S.A.

Priority axes:

  • Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland (EUR 719 million),
  • Modern Transport Infrastructure (EUR 916 million),
  • Supra-Regional Railway Infrastructure (EUR 330 million),
  • Technical Assistance (EUR 34 million).

Method of financing depends mainly on the type of and the specific nature of the project.

POWER ikona

Operational Programme Knowledge, Education, Development is the response to the necessity of

implementing reforms in Poland in the field of employment, social inclusion, schooling, higher

education, health and good governance. The programme will also support social innovation and transnational cooperation in these areas. For the implementation of the program, there will be an available amount of more than 4.4 billion euros from the European Social Fund (ESF) and 252.4 million from a special budget line for employment initiatives for young people.


  • Young people in the labor market ( EUR 1 757 million),
  • Effective public policies for the labor market, the economy and education (EUR 739 million),
  • Higher education and economic development – (EUR 1 056 million),
  • Social innovation and transnational cooperation – (EUR 670 million),
  • Support for health area – (EUR 301 million),
  • Technical support –( EUR 164 million).

Polska cyfrowa ikona

Poland allocates PLN 2 billion for Digital Poland 2014-2020 .The objective of implementation of the Programme is to reinforce digital bases: high-speed Internet access, growing digital skills of Polish society as well as development of e-administration, e-integration and e-culture. The following organizations can apply for grants from Operational Programme Digital Poland: non-governmental organization, telecommunication companies, scientific units, state culture organizations and government administration units.

Four priority areas were distinguished in the Programme:

  • Common access to high-speed Internet (EUR 1.020 billion),
  • E-government and open government (EUR 949.6 million),
  • Digital competences of the society ( EUR 135 million),
  • Technical Assistance ( EUR 67.67 million).

Operational Programme Digital Poland  is funded from two sources: European Regional Development Fund and National funds – public and private.Method of financing of a given project depends on the type of the entity using the funding and the specific nature of the project.


Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment 2014-2020 is a national programme to support low carbon economy, environmental protection, adaptation to climate change, transport and energy security. Also UE funds will be used in for investment in the health and cultural heritage areas. The total budget of the programme  is EUR 28 billion. This is also the biggest-ever operational programme in the whole of the European Union. Target group: small medium-sized and large enterprises, public administration, including regional and local administrative units, healthcare institutions, science and education institutions, civil society organizations as well as religious associations.

Priority axes:

  • Shifting towards a low-carbon economy (EUR 1 828,4 million)
  • Environmental protection including adaptation to climate change (EUR 3 508,2 million )
  • Development of the TEN-T road network and multimodal transport  (EUR 9 532,4 million)
  • Road infrastructure for the cities –  (EUR 2 970,3 million)
  • Development of railway transport in Poland ( EUR 5 009,7million)
  • Development of low-carbon public transport in cities – (EUR 2 349,2 nillion)
  • Improving energy security – (EUR 1 billion)
  • Protection of cultural heritage and development of cultural resources – (EUR 467,3 million)
  • Strengthening the strategic healthcare infrastructure – (EUR 468,3 million)
  • Technical assistance – (EUR 30 million)

Method of financing of a given project depends on the type of the entity using the funding and the specific nature of the project. The majority of projects financed under the Programme may require that the entities implementing the programme participate in the covering of its costs by making the own contribution.

Eur. wspĘl. ikona

ETC provides a framework for the implementation of joint actions and policy exchanges between national, regional and local actors from different Member States.

3 dimensions of European Territorial Cooperation:

  • cross-border cooperation programmes (Poland-Slovakia, the Czech Republic-Poland, Poland-Saxony, Brandenburg-Poland, Meklemburg-Vorpommern-Brandenburg-Poland, South Baltic, Lithuania-Poland),
  • transnational cooperation programmes (Interreg Baltic Sea Region and Interreg Central Europe),
  • interregional cooperation programmes ( Interreg Europe).

European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument

Aim of the ENPI is to develop cooperation between the European Union and the partner countries outside the EU through provision of integrated and sustainable regional development.  Under the new financing perspective Poland will participate and manage two programmes:

  • Poland – Belarus – Ukraine,
  • Lithuania – Poland – Russia.

Regional programmes

-Regional Operational Programme for Łódzkie Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Lower Silesian Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Lublin Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Lubusz Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Lesser Poland Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Masovian Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Opole Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Podkarpackie Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Pomeranian Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Silesian Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for Greater Poland Voivodeship,

-Regional Operational Programme for West Pomeranian Voivodeship.